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The Barbarian was Diablo II’s ultimate melee badass, and the only class that could dual-wield. He’s back with a beefy update, but many of his old attacks have been seriously enhanced. The Leap was more like a hop in Diablo II; now, it’s truly a vault, as the Barbarian bounds about six feet into the air, both arms cocked behind his head, then lands with a thunderous shockwave and the crimson explosion of any nearby monsters.

 The Ground Stomp stuns enemies in the immediate vicinity, leaving them open to Cleave attacks that send corpses and body parts flying for several dozen feet. The Seismic Slam combines both those skills into a directional attack; smack the ground and a shockwave ripples the earth, liquefying anything in its path. And the fan-favorite Whirlwind – the best way to plow through hordes of encroaching monsters – is gorier than ever: the Barbarian spins as he moves, slicing enemies into bloody chunks.


 There was no better class for tanking in Diablo II, so the Barbarian’s inclusion in Diablo III is really no surprise – what would a dungeon crawler be without a bruiser bashing open the doors?