the inquisition of authoritiesthe inquisition of authorities

the updated skills we’ve seen make the Barbarian much more dynamic – not merely a piece of meat, but a piece of finely trained, combat-honed meat – the filet mignon of fighting. The new Leap conveys impact and damage in a way the old attack utterly failed to do, and the updated, gory Whirlwind makes the Tasmanian Devil look like, well, a cartoon character.

What we know: The only other playable class shown so far is the Witch Doctor, new for Diablo III. Hailing from the Tribe of the Five Hills in the Tegonze jungles, his specialties are disease attacks, mind control, and commanding other creatures to do his bidding. The voracious Locust Swarm not only skins enemy monsters down to the bone, but once the bugs have made their first kill, they seek out new targets automatically. Those swarms can ride shotgun with summoned Mongrels, giving the dog-like creatures an extra kick of disease damage when they strike

When it’s time for defense, the Witch Doctor can summon a Wall of Zombies, effectively sealing off a pathway and letting the undead tear any approaching enemies to shreds. Soul Harvest does what it says, sucking the life essence out of enemies within range and transferring it to you. And when it comes to messing with people’s minds, Horrify and Mass Confusion offer mental anguish in two flavors: the former disperses packs of enemies in fear, giving you time to summon pets and pick off a few stragglers, while the latter turns the mob members against each other. Despite a penchant for violence by proxy