Blizzard refused reopened Diablo 3 blocked players claim compensation

Recently the incidents that Blizzard banned Diablo 3 players who use the play box continue to heat up, because Blizzard has tough stance, refused to re-opened Fengting account. Players was sealed unanimously demanded to Duowan on the matter to make reparation, said, “has been assigned to the responsible person to the Blizzard face-to-face to promote the Diablo 3 box door event in Shanghai and China to Duowan aspects.”

Players for the Duowan response banned for up to six days, the ‘play things progress, try again issued a ticket to the U.S, it did so, the ticket said things worked in the past, even say that I only use the Diablo 3 box than the data on Diablo 3 Gold, the other box functionality did not touch, Blizzard official reply is as follows: Thank you for your continued correspondence. After a thorough final review of the action taken against this account, we have arrived at the same conclusion. The action will not be reversed or changed under any circumstances.

Also be Fengting players sent a letter to Diablo 3 Asian server official customer service, but Diablo 3 official customer service responded, “Thank you for your support and love Diablo Diablo III about your question, account of player we are very seriously, absolutely not disable your account for no reason, when the original detect your account Login other unofficial recognized programs open at the same time, through the relevant investigation and understanding, identify abnormal situations, the punishment of the provisions of the treaty will be based on the user, it will stop your account to use rights. official helper did not release any identity can be used, it is recommended that you try to avoid using the auxiliary program so as not to cause damage to your own interests because of the relationship of the helper. ”

Previously, Duowan official had notice claiming to play Diablo 3 box is safe, is the official Blizzard default, to induce a large number of Diablo 3 players to use. Therefore on the account was closed event, most players require to Duowan to make reparation.

Concerning Diablo 3 didn’t operate in the China market, players the Blizzard banned using third-party software, even if it is difficult to take the judicial route reopened Account If you use multi-play box is banned to play once more, be blocked stop users make the compensation, but the subsequent development of the event had to the relevant parties together to discuss, I hope the relevant multi-can the interests of the players in the first place ”

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