Diablo 3 hunting magic people return game points and skill analysis

The build is and village head chat when the monk accidentally playing out. The reason is very simple, a lot of people run to reroll monk, because monk panel DPS although low, but play strange but it can soon, 10 w panel monk various elite 4 seconds lying, but he also are not likely to die, don’t so concentrate on operation. So I just want to try if DH in accordance with the monk’s Cheap Diablo 3 Gold ideas compatibility, what effect will be how to. The conclusion is, DH also can be done, and not at all unlike monk difference. This build, brush map certainly didn’t old na set of fast, because there is no tumble. Pure by 25% run speed, with the monk almost, suit to want to use lazy play blame.

Melee are panel low but play blame quickly, a because can continue output don’t need to run, and second, because all kinds of skills bonus damage more. And the two point and DH own equipment system, skill system are not conflict.

A few points analysis:

1: high blood resistance + ball back + pickup distance: this combination in all professional there are in use, only dh no, really make it difficult to understand things.

2: slow Diablo 3 Items weapon + revenge + no hate recovery technology: because slow, so you don’t have to hate recovery skills, pure by natural recovery and vengeful blood recovery was basically the continuation of the infinite.

3; No attack rate + steps + high injury group attack skills: 30 seconds CD shadow beast bombing 245% x 20, 10 seconds CD sword fan 320%, multiple trap 275% x 3, these are only and weapons itself about damage, and is CD skills, so slow to slow, and hurt not low. Combos broke out, and then continued 155% electric ball aoe, don’t lose any melee. 

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