Diablo 3 players play box title has been organized to expand rights

Recently there have been reports that more than Diablo 3 players lead the account has been closed, the event has attracted much attention because of the use of multi-play box plug. Last weekend, the titles of the players have organized expand rights, according to the introduction, more than 500 organized players, preliminary estimates of the loss of tens of millions, and is ready to play the game network claims negotiations. The activist players said that if the compensation was rejected or will to solve the problem through legal.Account has been closed, the player not only loss is not only Diablo III Gold, equipment and level, but also the hard work of the players.

Box plug-introduced according to the rights of players play more commitment to user Diablo 3 box will not lead to the game official user account, but recently has undergone a nearly 10,000 users Fengting. Diablo 3 game client charges a Diablo 3 priced at about $ 50. Diablo 3 on sale beginning fry four or five hundred. In addition, the Diablo 3 open virtual trading value of gold in the game with equipment, valuable Need equipment. Rights players said the preliminary calculation of the loss of players has exceeded 10 million, 500 players ready to defend their rights.

Title event occurs soon, to play more games network executives had said in microblogging is ready to negotiate Blizzard players are patient. However, so far, have not seen any further news. Rights players sealed box to the Blizzard official complaint to no avail, the play slow response, can only be organized activist, and consider taking legal means to solve the problem 

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