Diablo 3 witch doctor skills and experience

the last point about a choice. In most cases 80 resistance to affix effect is greater than 397 armor. In my properties now unbuff 935 total resistance 4100 armor 80 total resistance is better than 397 armor. If harvest the lords and all 80 under the condition of the still resistance and buff with 380 armor gains. So no need to request according to the dead, 4000 a, 800 resistant flexible options.
Also emphasize that in the high resistance can be used on the basis of elite decrease injury to replace all armor and resistance. All political elite in 750 after 7 decrease injury is better than the 80 total resistance to affix any; Armor is more than 2195 elite 7% reduction after injury is superior to any 397 armor; Elite after harvest buff lords and decrease injury of advantage is greater. I’m buff elite 7% reduction after injury can be equal to 100 full resistance or 550 armor; Similarly fear elite armor buff after injury reduction function will be further enlarged.

1.anti injury elite is all one hand medicine headache, want to don’t want to kite solution 1: improve the defense decreases. Can be implemented by equipment and skills. Currently popular fear a person don’t like it, so I said the following treatment. Now I play against injury is very easy, in addition to the fire, ye egg hurts.
(1)Add a resistance, this is a long conversation;
(2)Add elite decrease injury, I personally like ring, valiant litany double critical fearless provides the most outstanding decrease injury, (65 + all + 165 of intellectual elite + 7% reduction) and very considerable DPS (165 + 45 + critical intelligence and 4.5 crit damage), is a very practical ring. Bat now flow to Jordan’s request is not high, completely can take bold ring to realize win-win situation ehp and DPS, although for the elite hurt less than 25 + Jordan, but they will not encounter against injury to kneel.
And I take life link dog 10% reduction effect is also very obvious, and the role of the dog most of the time is that a blocking back for you. With the dog after Act1 fight off white / 2 basic fault has no chance to beat I just hang up. Finally become pigs, spirit line in 3 seconds. Play the blame, go up to become a pig, so can from pig blood, to other elite against injury. If line blood spirit fall so fast line 3 seconds sucked the blood is full enough.

2.fire damage depends on the properties of start time, bat once started the follow-up lords and harvesting intellectual Buff to harm no contribution; Similarly if the startup is then buff didn’t, buff damage bonus will continue to exist. So sometimes when the restart can restart it. Is simple buff after full, I can from 250000 to 420000 DPS. If the bat has not turn to the maximum, restart the higher yield. This should then strain.

3.choose knife, pay attention to the following intelligence and vampire. Especially the vampire, 3% and 2.8% looks the difference is not big, but are more than 2.8% 3% to 2.8% of the actual life regeneration. We, in turn, think about it and want to keep life balance 7% of the excess return in case of not seconds is the equivalent of 7% of the additional reduction, and high-end shaman to pile out 7% more decrease injury is not easy. Take my attributes unbuff when more than 930 against 4100 armor, to get an additional 7% reduction injury heap heap full resistance to 100 or 100 armor, or additional injury reduction 7% of elite. This number for later medicine difficult to achieve, so sabre or Huang Wuqi 3% vampire the advantage of much larger than it looks. Intelligence gap above 20 often effect is greater than white, sometimes 3-4 is equal to the critical injury.

4.about the plague of bats and fire that good, personal feel or depend on their own. Plague strike a light towers ye and the third act of the banshee and fat man better, but the plague one-handed note can’t literally rushed into the monster inside. The second act of the basilisk pile damage is very high, the plague of real-time h. h. last but lack of explosive, so if you don’t be careful into the heap blame easy to hang. Fire bat actually playing basement block as well, and I half a circle is 6 to 7 minutes. But I met with the bear fire when ye bear also solved, fire lighter bat ye alone very egg pain, hurt in only about a quarter of the bt is easy to hang or carry a bear pull them down is better.

5.good knife accessible, chicken is hard to find. Want to into the chicken knife flow, look for the good chicken. Bat now flow to push bear request is not high, can request for the blue bear reduction, can reduce the bear, of course, blue is better. If you can’t find good chicken, attire can consider Huang Wuqi + snake.

Upgrade soon after Diablo 3 1.0.8 density buff, brush the back of the witch doctor full level. Grade 100 was about 80 knife inside chicken brush out flow. A little heart, hope to make the knife chicken flow shamans have help. 

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