Foggernauts’ Steam Class Preview Foggernauts’ Steam Class Preview

DOFUS is one of those games that just keeps growing and getting better over time. We recently had the opportunity to check ou the Foggernauts’ Steam Class and have a full report for your reading pleasure. See what you think and then leave us a comment or two.


I got to take the new Foggernauts’ Steam class for a spin and check out its technomagical abilities and turret-based combat. Foggernauts are billed as being “technomagical tacticians,” and distinguish themselves by creating danger zones and defensive zones on the battlefield with their turrets. These zones work much as advertised, in that danger zones are areas in which a turret will do damage, whereas defensive zones allow for healing. Foggernauts utilize three types of turrets, namely, the “Harpooner,” “Lifesaver,” and “Tacturret,” but can also do direct damage themselves while pushing or pulling enemies around in combat. Additionally, the Foggernaut class sports a bunch of buff spells, and does best in melee combat when equipped with hammers or shovels.



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