System AlterationSystem Alteration

The last thing I would wish to do before dying will be to see an official launch of the Diablo III.

It has been ages since the release of its predecessor Diablo II and more than three years since the official announcement of the next iteration but every time we expect Blizzard reaching near the release of the Diablo III, some rumor or announcement pops out of nowhere and delays the title.

Recently we heard an announcement from the team at Blizzard that they are going to make some major alterations to the game’s system after receiving feedback from the testers and beta. This announcement was made on the official website of Diablo III.  Diablo II was really a game of its kind and that is what the developers are trying to deliver for their next title.

So what are the tweaks and changes the team is looking forward to?

While the major changes are being made to the rune and skill system and they have not been disclosed, there are some changes that have officially been announced by the developers.

These include removal of Scrolls of Identification. For the potions, a dedicated quickslot button has been introduced and Mystic and her Enhancement system no longer exist.

The Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube has been removed and your inventory screen will also show your stats and also the Town Portal, previously called Stone of Recall, is now accessible from the UI.

So these are some of the changes that have been made but more changes mean more delays.