Diablo 3 dated, MS job ads mention ‘next-gen’ XboxDiablo 3 dated, MS job ads mention ‘next-gen’ Xbox


Activision Blizzard arguably stole the show today by slapping a May 15 release date on Diablo 3.

 Elsewhere, Microsoft and Activision became the latest names on the long list of publishers not having their titles stocked at troubled retailer GAME, and MS quickly pulled a number of job ads that mentioned the “next-generation” of Xbox.

Meanwhile, Beachhead product director Noah Heller told us that Call of Duty Elite has helped foster collaboration between the franchise’s various developers, although he wouldn’t necessarily describe the situation as harmonious, we rounded up some reviews of the new iPad, and Sega threw the ever-hungry Shenmue fans a bone by teasing the possibility of a high-definition re-release of its beloved Dreamcast RPG.