Intrusion 2.0 Content Expansion Intrusion 2.0 Content Expansion


Avatar Creations has announced that Perpetuum Online will be expanding content-wise on December 1st. Called “Intrusion 2.0”, the new content expansion will allow player corporations to fight for and gain control of outposts in the Beta region. In addition, a new freighter robot is coming into the game and new level 3 missions are incoming. Infact, according to Perpetuum devs, the entire mission system has been reworked.

The team also announced that visual enhancements will be included in the update. The lighting system has been overhauled to give more realistic looks to environments including sky and water.

Lastly, Perpetuum is about to turn one year old and developers have in game events planned to celebrate.

Recently the rumour mill went into full swing with regards to the apparent oncoming death of Morsus Mihi. I can’t say I have any vested interest in whichever way this pendulum of fate swings. On one hand Morsus Mihi are historical figures in EVE Online. They kept the north in good stead for many years and were always reliable and stable. However as their lives in the North came to an end and the technetium wells dried up they found themselves in a strange position, an unfamiliar position, and a downright alien position. Ancient as they were, they hadn’t felt the pain of eviction in many years and the events that followed left many of the remaining power blocks feeling the same sort of sympathy you’d feel for an old man who has truly lost his mind, yet in his youth was a sharp, well-kept gent.