Building Flashpoints Building Flashpoints


Last week, Star Wars: The Old Republic developers released a terrific video featuring “flashpoints”, dynamic areas of the Star Wars universe that demand groups of players to battle forces a single person could not hope to overcome. This week, the official site has been updated by Bioware World Designer Jesse Skye discussing what Flashpoints are, the development and building of Flashpoints, and some of the combat aspects that Flashpoints will bring to the game.


(Georg Zoeller): The combat experience in Flashpoints can differ radically from combat in the open world. We aim to tightly integrate the story with the types of enemies the Flashpoint calls for, their AI behavior and their abilities, creating unique scenarios seen nowhere else in the game.


Flashpoints also feature some of the toughest combat challenges in the game. Flashpoints in The Old Republic will require a full group of players to succeed.


Numbers alone won’t be enough either – with a cast of adversaries among the most memorable and powerful in the game and scenarios that often leave the party with impossible choices, players are expected to show superior coordination and skill in order to overcome the challenges ahead.