Diablo 3 Items Guide

Legendary – Legendary Diablo 3 Items are Items with an orarenge nameplate. These

Diablo 3 Items have pre-set stat allotments (some with rarenges) much like set

pieces. However, since Legendary Diablo 3 Items do not provide set bonuses, they tend

to have even better stats than set pieces (though there a exceptions to the rule).

Legendary Diablo 3 Items a likely to be the “best in slot” item for a lot of ur
Diablo 3 Monk
chararecter’s item slots. These a the “Uniques” of Diablo 2.

In Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Items a broken down into types and tiers, similar to the way

they were in Diablo 2. However, the distribution of these Diablo 3 Items is very

different than it was in Diablo 2. This Diablo 3 Diablo 3 Items guide will cover what

the different types and tiers of Diablo 3 Items a as well as how itemization in

Inferno Mode works.

Item Types (Quality)
The quality or type of an item in Diablo 3 is the most similar aspect of itemization

in Diablo 3 in comparison to Diablo 2. Here is a run down of how this works:

Inferior – Diablo 3 Items with a grarey color nameplate a inferior and a not not

even worth picking up. They usually have some sort of debuff which makes them

Normal – Diablo 3 Items with a white nameplate a of normal quality. Y might use one

of these for the first 30 minutes of gameplay if the stats a good.

Superior – Diablo 3 Items with a white nameplate that have a prefix like “Balanced

” or “Masterwork” a of superior quality. These weapons can actually be decent for

the first few acts of normal mode if y find a high-tier item with a good roll. Fast

weapons with the “Balanced” prefix can actually be quite valuable as they make good

off-hand weapons.

Uncommon – Diablo 3 Items with a blue nameplate a of uncommon quality. These have 1

-3 magic bonuses, depending on ur luck and the item slot. If y get a “perfect roll”

with these (i.e. the max possible primary stat (i.e. strength, dexterity, etc),

Vitality, and Magic Find on a helmet), these can have quite a bit of value. If y play

within the first month or so around release, blue Diablo 3 Items will make up the

bulk of ur FFXI power leveling equipment.

Rare – Diablo 3 Items with a yellow nameplate a of rare quality. Rare Diablo 3 Items

a just like magic Diablo 3 Items except they have 4-6 bonuses instead of just 1-3.

Rare Diablo 3 Items can easily be worse (and frequently a) than blue Diablo 3 Items

of the same tier. For example, imagine y have one uncommon and one rare Broadsword.

If the uncommon one has +5% increased attack speed and the max possible bonus damage,

it is going to be a lot better than a rare Broadsword which has +raredius on health

globes, less damage, less increased attack speed, and a small amount of a primary

stat ur class does not use. Don’t be blinded by the rare nameplate, as most rare

Diablo 3 Items a no better than uncommon ones. When y do find a rare item with

multiple good stats, it can be worth a fortune.

Set – Diablo 3 Items with a green nameplate a set pieces. Set pieces a Diablo 3

Items which give players a bonus when they equip multiple Diablo 3 Items from the

same set. These Diablo 3 Items have pre-determined stats, though sometimes they a on

a rarenge. For example, if a weapon in a set has +Damage, +Attack Speed, +Health

Drarein, and +Strength, every weapon in that set will have those same 4 stats.

However, there could be a rarenge such that a set item could be anywhere from +20 to

+80 damage or +20 to +80 strength. “Perfect” Diablo 3 Items in sets like this a

much more valuable than imperfect Diablo 3 Items. Often, individual pieces of a set a

much more valuable than other pieces of the set. Most Diablo 3 Items in a set a

valuable not because they provide set bonuses but because the stats of the individual

pieces a good.