Diablo 3 1 million Play Diablo III Every Day

Former game director Jay Wilson also reveals dungeon crawler draws 3 million unique

players per month; Auction House a problem Blizzard is working on.

Diablo III logs around 1 million unique players per day, former game director Jay

Wilson revealed today during a Game Developers Conference panel titled “Shout at the

Devil: The Making of Diablo III.”
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Wilson also noted that over 3 million unique gamers play Diablo III every month.

After spending six years on Diablo III, Wilson announced in January that he is

transferring to a new team within Blizzard Entertainment.

As of December 31, Diablo III has sold in (that is, shipped) 12 million copies.

Diablo 3 game takes place in Sanctuary, the dark fantasy world of the Diablo series,

twenty years after the events of Diablo II. Deckard Cain and his niece Leah are in

the Tristram Cathedral investigating ancient texts regarding an ominous prophecy.

Suddenly, a mysterious star falling from the sky strikes the Cathedral, creating a

deep crater into which Deckard Cain disappears.

The Diablo III player base is likely to grow in the time ahead, as the dungeon

crawler is headed to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with offline play and four-

player split-screen support.

Also during his talk today, Wilson admitted that Diablo III’s auction houses–both

real-money and in-game–have negatively impacted the game. Though 50 percent of all

players make use of the auction houses, Wilson explained that making real-world money

has become more of a motivating factor for players than killing Diablo. He said the

team at Blizzard is working to remedy the situation, though nothing specific was