Diablo III City of Blood Quest Guide

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Locate Alcarnus in the next zone with respect to the eastern portal of the outpost Khasim
Locate the Lair of the White Witch in that of Alcarnus
Kill Maghda
Return to camp hidden

Pass the portal, achieving the second part of Stinging Winds. After the east, get ambushed by some members of the cult particularly aggressive: knowing that you are about to suffer it, will almost certainly be able to avoid it by using the usual precautions (i.e. throwing behind the nearest cover as soon as you step into this area of game).

Having killed this group of enemies, proceed east to continue to cross the Stinging Winds. Finally reach the road to Alcarnus. Despite being officially referred to as the play area “separate”, it is a very short stretch of road, and you will therefore speed near Alcarnus. When you get close enough to the entrance of the city, an opponent named Shatterbone will appear with the usual members of the Cult not “reasonable.” We highly recommend you focus all your energy towards Shatterbone: it is an adversary capable of inflicting incalculable damage in a short amount of time, but does not have a particularly good defense, therefore, an aggressive approach will put you away from most of the problems to which he was connected. Having cleared, you can go to the Behemoth; killed this, proceed to the interior of the city.

At the bridge, you will be notified the following objective, or locate the Lair of the White Witch. Along the way, we highly recommend to satisfy the quest “bonus” that requires the storage of prisoners – will be reported by some red circles on your mini-map (click on the cages to open – do not need any complex mechanism). Anyway, back to this “main”: explore the city until the appearance of the usual red arrow, which tells you extremely close to the Witch’s Lair. Enter it to start the battle against Maghda.

Boss: Maghda
The difficulty we encounter in combat Maghda is about equal to what was seen for the Skeleton King: she has several short-range attacks, quite powerful – it is, however, less with regard to the attacks in the medium-long range, with only a ‘ “breathed” poisonous sui generis. From this description, the optimal strategy becomes immediately clear: you should try to take advantage of the attacks in the medium-long range, so the challenge will be easy to overcome for all classes except the Barbarian. Warning: the witch will summon periodically assistants. Try to kill them immediately! The particularity of this spell makes it the witch invulnerable as long as there are his subjects to life.

In any case, having killed her, go back to the camp secretly using your magic “portal”. After the cutscene that follows, your quest will be complete.