D3 Monk Leveling Guide

Monk is one of the easiest classes to level up in Diablo 3 due to its self-healing abilities and its variety of ways to mitigate damage.

While it may pack as much power as some of the other classes, its high survivability allows you to take down bosses and complete D3′s quests and boss encounters. As a bonus, the Monk’s survivability makes it an effective first class for tackling Inferno mode with.

In this Diablo 3 Monk leveling guide, we will be going over the best tips and strategies that you can use to level up quickly as a Monk in D3. Before we get into specifics, we should discuss perhaps the most important aspect of this D3 Monk Leveling guide: the leveling path.

The truth is in Diablo 3 that since you get a lot of experience points for completing quests, particularly for defeating boss enemies, you can level up very easily just by going through the game. As a general rule of thumb, normal mode should take you to level 25+ without needing to do any repeating. Once you clear normal mode you should be ready to go right into Nightmare mode.

In Nightmare mode you may have to do a bit of farming to get to the right level. You want to be around level 53-54 before you move on to Hell mode. I recommend repeating the final dungeon in whichever act you are in if the enemies in the next act are a bit too tough to start with.

The reason for this is the final dungeon in each act contains higher level enemies which gives you a lot of experience points and defeating the boss of the last dungeon of that act gives you a quest completion experience and gold reward. Leveling up in D3 really is as simple as that.

The things that will increase your leveling speed are not the actual path you take but rather tips and tricks that can help you deal more damage and survive better. This is the focus of this Diablo 3 Monk leveling guide as this is what separates slow levelers from fast levelers.