Rimmington is a small town in the south-west corner of Asgarnia. Despite the appeal of the central towns and cities, there is still a great deal of industry there. Even Melzar’s madness and the resulting house of dangers and insanity that has evolved on the outskirts of the town could not drive away Rimmington’s locals.

Since the real estate craze hit, more and more people visit Rimmington hoping to get a few rungs up the property ladder. Because Rimmington is the cheapest place to buy a house, and the first place everyone owns their house, the house portal in the north of the town is a very popular point for members to gather and to trade items used in Construction.

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Rimmington is quite an isolated town, bordered to the west and south by the seas. To the east is Port Sarim, where adventurers may traverse those seas to foreign parts.

North of the town is the Crafting Guild, and further beyond that is the mighty city of Falador, home of King Vallance and the White Knights.

South-west over the waters is the island of Karamja, populated by a variety of jungle beasts, the more civilised natives of Tai Bwo Wannai and the less civilised pirates of Brimhaven.

Points of Interest

Rimmington boasts a massive open-cast mine just out of town. Within the crater are a variety of ores free to anyone willing to swing a pickaxe. The mine features lumps of gold, tin, clay, copper and iron.

Next to the mine is a small White Knight camp at the entrance to a lair of unpleasant grotworms. The knights’ leader, Sir Rebrum, has already led one failed assault on the caves, so any members looking for combat are welcome to enter and see what they uncover. Go carefully, though – there’s rumoured to be something much bigger living down there…

Just north of the general store is a portal into the world of Construction and decor.

The Chemist is a specialist in lamp oil technology, and his various machines and devices can not only convert swamp tar to lamp oil, but a variety of other complex chemical tasks as well.

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Hetty     Melzar the Mad
As witches go, Hetty is an almost perfect crone. Her hooked nose, green skin and pointed hat make sure no one has any doubt as to her occupation. She is also quite an excellent potion maker, and more than willing to make one for any adventurer that stumbles by.
melzar the mad.gif
Melzar the Mad was once a powerful mage, but his experiments in necromancy have addled his brain and twisted his house to match. Now he lingers in his basement, muttering odd curses and raving at anyone who dares to disturb his sanctuary. Finding your way to him is not so simple, though…
Hetty can be found in her house, hoping that Falador’s Witch Hunters aren’t on their way.     Melzar can be found at the end of his maze.
Malignius Mortifer     Skippy
malignius mortifer.gif
Malignius Mortifer is the most successful necromancer in RuneScape, even though he often fails to summon the undead of Runescape, instead raising only patches of fungus. He is still trying to perfect his art, of course, but it seems that he still has much work to do. He is followed around by his four elemental disciples.
Skippy could be written off as yet another drunken, raving local were it not for his compelling tale of the horrors that are… THEM (THEM being the giant mudskippers that left him with what can only be giant mudskipper bite marks). Maybe if you can sober him up a bit he’ll remember something more than the terror.
Malignius Mortifer can be found north of Rimmington, raising the dead… and fungus.     Skippy can be found staggering about throwing bottles into the water east of town.
Lucille is a very unhappy housewife. First her husband develops a drinking problem, then he falls into a sleep so deep that she just can’t wake him up!
Lucille can be found in her house, West of the town well.

Song from the Depths

Dangers of Rimmington
Giant rat (Level 3)     Air wizard (Level 13) Earth wizard (Level 13)
Fire wizard (Level 13) Water wizard (Level 13)
giant rat.gif
Giant rats are larger and nastier versions of the small rodents that cats enjoy preying upon. Their coarse fur is poor armour, and the yellow teeth that they attack with are not nearly as dangerous as they look. Giant rats should prove no difficulty to any but the least experienced adventurers.
elemental wizard.gif
The wizards that follow Malignius Mortifer are capable of some minor spells to defend themselves and their master. Though not particularly powerful themselves, they have devoted themselves so wholly to their elements that they are immune to attacks of their sort. Hence, attacking the fire wizard with a Fire Blast will do nothing but ensure that the wizard has more time to do the same to you.
Giants rats can be found lurking on the ground floor of Melzar’s Maze.     The wizards can be found near Malignius Mortifer.
Ghost (Level 19)     Skeleton (Level 22)
Though they are merely side effects of Melzar’s experiments with necromancy, the ghosts that wander his maze are no less dangerous than ghosts elsewhere. Like other ghosts, they are weaker against Magic attacks.
Skeletons may look harmless and weak, but their lack of muscle is more than made up for by the potent magic that holds them together. If you are a new adventurer it might be best to avoid them altogether. If you must deal with them, though, skeletons’ bones will give way under a barrage of crushing attacks.
Ghosts can be found on the first floor of Melzar’s Maze.     Skeletons can be found on the second floor of Melzar’s Maze.
Zombie (Level 24)     Hobgoblin (Level 28)
Zombies are the reanimated corpses of the adventurers who have become lost and died within Melzar’s Maze. They feel no pain because they no longer live, and now they mindlessly roam the room that trapped them.
Hobgoblins are much larger than ordinary goblins, and much stronger as well. They resemble large, hunched goblins but their armour is significantly better.
Zombies can be found in the basement of Melzar’s Maze.     Hobgoblins can be found north of Melzar’s Maze.
Lesser Demon (Level 82)
lesser demon.gif
The final beast that guards the key to exit Melzar’s Maze is a lesser demon, the foulest of creatures to be found within that house of insanity. Its diabolical cunning and unnatural strength make it a dangerous foe for anyone attempting to escape the Maze.
The lesser demon can be found in the basement of Melzar’s Maze.


Someone has left a spade in the middle of the mine.
There is a bush Farming patch north of the Chemist’s house.
A Bronze pickaxe spawns in the ground floor of Anja and Hengel’s house.
Hengel likes to keep his bronze scimitar close at hand.
Brian’s Archery Shop features some respawn points for logs and a bronze arrow.
The Crafting Guild is very close to Rimmington, just head north from Melzar’s Maze.
While picking onions in the field north of town you may occasionally find an onion seed.
If you haven’t already helped her, Hetty in Rimmington who could use your help with mixing a potion.