World of Warcraft Player Receives Unexpected In-game Gift

World of Warcraft Player Receives Unexpected In-game Gift

There are a lot of mean people online, and a lot of them play video games. For every game out there, you hear stories of griefers, trolls, and just all-around unpleasant people. Sometimes, though, a cool person comes around to remind you why you play games online in the first place.

Today, a player on World of Warcraft posed a simple question to the trade chat: “What would you do with 200,000 gold?” Another player, Clearly_Unimpressed, answered that he would purchase a Vial of the Sands, an archaeology item that gives you the Sandstone Drake flying mount.

So, the player that posed the question tracks Clearly_Unimpressed down, and what does he do? Does he murder him in cold blood? Does he take his gold and make fun of him? Nope! He opens up a trade window with him, and hands over the Vial. Just like that, a 50,000 gold item was given away. In return, he asks only to get to ride the mount.

Clearly_Unimpressed was clearly impressed, thanked the trader for the gift, and explained that he would give the Vial to his friend, who always wanted the Sandstone Drake mount. Hearing this, the trade chat superhero ran off to the auction house and returned with another Vial of the Sands, so that Clearly_Unimpressed could have a matching mount with his buddy.

When asked why he was being so generous, the donor responded with, “I wanted to make someone’s day.”

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