How to Shoot on FIFA 15

Improve your goal-to-game ratio with our FIFA 15 Shooting tutorial.

How to improve:
1.Make sure that all of your players are super fast(86+ pace is recommended)
2.Make sure you are holding the sprint button
3.Tutorial compleated

Shooting in FIFA 15 does take a little practice for those new to the game. In the video, the team at EA Sports goes over a few different tips and tricks you can use to improve the chances that your shots are more effective.

With more spectacular tips and correct strategies, you can play your game more wonderful and fany. Of course, tips are different for everyone and strategies are uniquely personal. But here is the video to demonstrate some tips and personal strategies.

Thanks for the tutorial guys, I wasn’t sure how to shoot previous to this, if just tried passing it into the net or sprinting over the line. You’ll really improve my effectiveness in front of goal, Thank You.

What are your favorite shooting tips? Let us know in the comments below.