WOW Classic Restoration Druid Raid Skill Analysis

Many people think that the function of Restoration Druid in Raid is to add BUFF, use activation and reincarnation, and then do not have to do anything else, waiting for the leader to allocate equipment occupation. U4gm strongly disagrees with this view. On the contrary, Restoration Druid is a very strong group therapy profession in the WOW Classic, a group with a lack of therapeutic skills.

The advantages and disadvantages of Restoration Druid in Raid:
Advantages: Strong group healing ability, compared with Priest’s Prayer of Healing, Holy Nova, and Shaman’s Chain Heal, Restoration Druid is not at a disadvantage in group therapy, even surpassing Shaman and Priest in situations where group therapy is under great pressure.

Disadvantages: The assisting ability is not as good as Shaman and Paladin, and the time to release the skills is longer than that of Priest, Shaman, and Paladin.

HPM = Healing Per Minute

HPS = Healing Per Second

Playing the hamster: The plug-in shows the blood volume of the team members. If the team member has less blood, click on which player to click and heal.

Excessive treatment: Your teammate 500/1000HP, your treatment has treated him 600 HP, and the extra 100 is an overdose.

Healing Touch:
Single-target treatment skills, HPS, and HPM’s highest single-target treatment skills in the absence of equipment and talent bonuses. The disadvantage is that the casting time is 0.5 seconds longer than the other single-target treatment skills of the other treatment professions, and it is the single-target treatment spell with the longest casting time. Although Healing Touch seems to be the best healing skill, because the casting time is 0.5 seconds slower than other occupations (17% slower), it is easy to be squeezed into overdose by other therapists during the battle.

Restoration Druid should be selected according to the needs of HPS, 4, 7, and 11 Healing Touch skills, in most cases using Level 2 or 3 Healing Touch to play the hamster, top Healing Touch for pre-reading treatment Treatment.

The treatment target is once every 3 seconds for 12 seconds, and the amount of recovery target HP is related to the skill level.

For a 12-second HOT, but a 15-second HOT to enjoy the full treatment bonus, in order to make Rejuvenation last 15 seconds, you must wear the Stormrage series of eight-piece suit to achieve the effect of rejuvenation treatment.

It is the highest continuous treatment skill of HPS and HPM without equipment and talent bonuses, and the treatment efficiency is higher than that of Priest.

The downside is that there is no way to control over-treatment, even if it is used on a tank, there is no guarantee that a treatment every 3 seconds is effective. However, in the case of the bats in Naxxramas, which overlaps the DOT aura, Rejuvenation can make Restoration Druid, the most therapeutic therapist. When the DOT stack is not high, use low-level Rejuvenation. After the DOT stack is raised, Use high-level Rejuvenation to keep enough MPs to extend the duration of the battle.

In general, Level 4 Rejuvenation is used as the primary healing skill, and Full Level Rejuvenation is used for tanks.

Restore target health and heal the target every 3 sec. And restore extra health in 21 seconds.

Single target treatment, providing a HOT for 21 seconds. This skill has a short cast time and does not change the cast time due to the skill level. Because it consumes MP very much, it is rarely used. When both Nature’s Swiftness and Swiftmend are cooled, it can be used as an emergency skill. It is necessary to specify that the direct treatment amount after the crit + the partial treatment amount of the HOT is lower than the full level. The amount of healing produced by Healing Touch should be used as little as possible or not.

Nature’s Swiftness:
After activation, your next spell with less than 10 seconds cast time becomes an instant spell. The ability to save lives is generally tied to the top Healing Touch so that the top Healing Touch does not require casting time.

Rejuvenation or Regrowth effects on your target are converted to instant treatment, and the immediate treatment target is equivalent to a 12-second Rejuvenation treatment, or 15 seconds of Regrowth treatment.

In theory, it is the most cost-effective to release when Rejuvenation is less than 3 seconds, but in fact, it is used as a life-saving skill in many cases. It can only be said that the remaining time of Rejuvenation and Regrowth HOT can be considered.

Rejuvenation+Swiftmend’s cast range is short, used as an emergency skill, ranking before Regrowth.

The 60 version of Tranquility only treats the team. Although it is the signature skill of Restoration Druid, it is basically negligible because of its low efficiency.

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