Can We Have A Stash Tab Template For PoE Love Of Vaal

In Path of Exile, I have 90 + stash tabs. 40 of them are premium. I have to drag them to the left, rename, recolor, re blah blah all of them, each league. Does it only take 15 minutes? Unlike buy chaos orbs, is it incredibly annoying? Yes. Does it seem like an incredibly easy thing to fix? Hell If I know, but I can’t imagine changing color and text on an object and saving it is too hard.

I know not everyone has to deal with this nightmare of a mess of tabs, but damn, help a Karui out. So, for the love of vaal, can we please have a stash tab template we can choose each league? Let’s see some other player’s opinions.

Path of Exile

One player said that he want to add: also can please flag remove only tabs with an “*” instead of remove only and give info about it when you hover over the tab (or a warning when you want to remove an item) the added text to temp tabs makes it alot more anoying to scroll other tabs past Short named tabs seem to work alot faster!

And one said that if they somehow fix the entrance to a new league (the past 3~4 leagues he never managed to login with everyone and wait out on twlight strand), then he think they could easily add a stash and a “wall” to the start instead of you being unable to do anything. This way everyone could sort out their stash 10~15min before the league start.

Probably the most straightforward solution would be allowing players to flag either the parent Standard or Hardcore league as their Stash template, and then have new leagues copy the stash tab layout from that league (ignoring remove-only tabs) when the league starts.

Most players don’t mix hardcore and softcore, so this makes it easy to manage for the majority by flagging the league they play less of (and subsequently, not dealing with a million remove-only tabs).

Since people seem to not be getting this, if you were primarily a softcore player, you would use Hardcore as your template because it would be easier to organize due to not being full of remove-only tabs – and vice-versa. Very few players play both league types to a significant degree.