Many players really liked the collectible-card-game Many players really liked the collectible-card-game

Also gone from Guild Wars 1 is the focus on a mountain of skills for each class that are barely distinguishable from each other. Many players really liked the collectible-card-game aspects of the first Guild Wars’ skill system, but just as many found it frustrating. Higher-level PvP play often dengerated into a meta-game of which guilds were running which flavor-of-the-month builds and how to beat them.
So while there are still a lot of choices, it isn’t nearly as overwhelming. If you equip a pistol, you will be using your class’ pistol skills. You’ve got to have at least guild wars gold one healing skill, one elite skill, etc. Each one of the ‘zones’ on your skillbar (weapons, healing, utility, and elite) has limited the number of choices that you can make, cutting way down on the clutter and confusion of the original game. It isn’t just an improvement on the old system, though; it is a completely new system that feels totally unique in the MMO market while still feeling natural and intuitive.
Hopefully this helps potential players understand that Guild Wars 2 is not just the next incarnation of the gameplay from Guild Wars 1. It is a completely new game in every way. It is also not just another MMO.  It’s not as if the developers wanted to revamp their old game to make it more like other games that were more successful (like World of Warcraft). Instead, they have set out to revolutionize the industry, examining every aspect of modern MMOs and asking questions like, “Why isn’t this as fun as it could be on guild wars powerleveling? How could we make this better? How can we make a game that WE would really love to play?” And what they have built succeeds in breathing new life into the MMO idea in every way. Guild Wars 2 is the next generation in multiplayer computer gaming, and the new king of the genre. Don’t let it pass you by simply because you had poor experience with the first game. 

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