Outside the Box: Skyrim ComethOutside the Box: Skyrim Cometh

Some say the golden age of single-player RPGs is gone but you wouldn’t know it from the A+ line up of roleplaying games coming in the next year or so. In today’s Outside the Box, MMORPG.com’s Peter Kerr takes a look at Bethesda’s Skyrim. See what Peter has to say about Skyrim and then let us know if you’re anticipating playing it when it comes out next week. Read on!

You know how it is; you are the last remaining Dovahkiin (Dragonborn) who must fight against the massive dragon-god that is trying to destroy the world. Skyrim is set two hundred years after the last game stopped with the world gone to hell with a massive power shift in the ruling powers of the world. Now the Elven nations have taken back a lot of the power the Empire once wielded due to the events of Oblivion.

Civil war rages between the Nord people who live in Skyrim. Unfortunately this is the last part of the prophecy as written down in the game’s namesake Elder Scrolls. They foretell of the return of Alduin, the Nordic god of Destruction and yes you guessed it… he is the aforementioned giant Dragon. The prophecy says that Alduin will use his servants the Jills (read: dragons) to destroy the world. Luckily you as the last of the Dovahkiin have been anointed by the gods to fight off this threat to the world. 

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