Pirate101 : The Pirate Life for GarrettPirate101 : The Pirate Life for Garrett



We recently traveled to the KingsIsle Studios for a sneak peek at what the team has been working on to build on the wild success of Wizard101. We’ve got an exclusive hands on preview of the way that Pirate101 plays. You won’t want to miss it.
The fact that the game takes itself so seriously is amazing fun. The idea of a monkey-run Spanish Inquisition with bananas is fantastic. The Monquistadors made all of us laugh out loud with their craziness. This zany style of humor is like watching a comedy show. You really want to see more. Not to mention the Frogfather on his giant floating whale. He will make you an offer you cannot refuse. It is things like this that set KingsIsle apart from many MMO studios. While some of the references in Wizard 101 were hysterical, Pirate 101 really pushes the limit of humor. Entering the world there is no secret that it is filled with skullduggery and double dealings. A pirate’s life is never one of perfect situations. Even when you get your first ship the other pirates mock how small it is and make you laugh with their comments.

Read more of Garrett Fuller’s Pirate101: The Pirate Life for Garrett.


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