Restore 200% of the sum of the two properties

We are going to the accessories to make some changes according to the testing and feedback. Our goal is: if you play badly, then this act the role ofing is tasted pretty good also. If you play well, then this adorn article can provide some better returns. We’re going to try with the following changes to better achieve our goal:
Duration of 10 seconds (down from 20 seconds), double but chance to trigger.
The properties, improve your highest value equivalent to 200% of the sum of the lower two other properties. For example, you have 3500 masters, 5000 crit, haste. 7000 Accessories fires, you gain [crit - 3500 master - 3500, + 17000] rapidly in the buff. And the old logic, is the highest attributes of the buff doubled. 

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