Seven Random E3 2011 ThoughtsSeven Random E3 2011 Thoughts


After attending last week’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, Lead Writer Bill Murphy has a few random thoughts about the things he both saw and experienced. And, yes, Hulk Hogan makes his presence felt in The List. Check it out!

This is going to be a decided un-MMO centric List this week. In honor of the closing of the biggest show in gaming, we thought we’d go through a few of our biggest surprises from the show, and that includes games and devices from just about every corner of the industry. We saw a ton of games, gizmos, and other odds and ends from Tuesday through Thursday, and just about all of them had something to offer. But these are just a few of all the things we experienced which really jumped out of nowhere and made us smile.all of the conditions , terms and conditions and everything that were contained in  tera power leveling package will accomodated when guest’s order finished,or the compensation directly propotional  to unfinishd parts of package will replaced by new gears,or corresponding gold




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