USRC 2011 Starts LiveStreaming Today!USRC 2011 Starts LiveStreaming Today!

USRC, the yearly PvP tournament hosted through Ragnarok Online, started today at 10:15am PST and will be live streamed directly from the Ragnarok Online Facebook page. Head on over and check out the action!

Visitors to the ACONY booth at gamescom in Cologne will also get guaranteed entry to the closed beta as part of the celebrations for the first public show with Hedone. Booth C-036, in online gaming hall 9 will be presenting the game to press and gamers from August 17th to the 21st. Anyone who plays the game on the booth will be granted automatic entry to the beta as soon as it starts.
The yearly PVP tournament USRC is a chance for Ragnarok players to compete for the top prizes, and prove their team is the strongest in the PVP team around.
USRC is the United States regional championship for Ragnarok Online global PVP tournament. The competition is fierce as teams of 7 members compete on a level playing field where the only advantage lies with strategy and skill of the team. The USRC champion team wins in-game swag as well as a chance to represent North America in the World Wide tournament RWC!
All the matches for USRC are recorded so next year’s aspiring competitors can bring a tougher game to the veteran competitors. USRC 2011 is the 8th Regional Championship and this year the entire event will have live commentary and video streaming so everyone can enjoy the battles!
USRC 2011 will be live streamed starting 10:15am PST, Saturday June 11; to watch the event live anyone can view from the Ragnarok Facebook page. Once the event is complete the recordings will be uploaded to the GravityUS YouTube channel
The culmination of the tournament will take place in Seoul Korea in the October 2011 as the worlds regional champions all compete to find out who is the world’s best Ragnarok Champion, and for Cash prizes! All participants have an all expense paid trip to Seoul Korea to compete and share in the worldwide brotherhood that is Ragnarok Online! 

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