Diablo 3 public game will not be able to use the monster strength system

The players proposed a set of multiplayer games and monster strength, Lylirra answers. Particular talked about the reasons can not use public game monster strength.

Players: Well … I’m not too clear the monster strength limited multiplayer or single player? I hope the multiplayer mode Diablo 3 Gold, or can cause good impact to the multiplayer game Blizzard has been wanted.

Lylirra: the monster strength can be used in multiplayer mode. If you join a multiplayer game, you will be automatically matched to the captain of the monster level. When you leave the team, and the you monsters intensity settings will revert to the settings before joining.

Players: PTR what to test?

Lylirra: our gratitude. There are cookies (although you have to prepare yourself).

Player: PvP any news?

Lylirra: PvP still plans to launch in 1.1.0.

Players: It looks like the game to the public is not very good … If my monster strength and then I joined a public game I may be entering a strength of 10 games?

Lylirra: This is not as effective in the public games. Monster strength is turned on, you can not create your public games Diablo 3 Gold. Basically, when you create a public game, monster intensity system will be disabled.

Generally speaking, the more difficult for random passers do not necessarily fun. This may make the match more difficult, because of the need to increase the number of matching pool (each monster strength of a new pool). The result is likely to increase your wait time. “Water” or similar behavior in the multiplayer game will further the game environment deterioration, especially in poorly equipped players choose the high strength of the monster. Although we all like to support multiplayer mode, especially new monster strength system, we just do not want to turn on this feature on public game Diablo 3 Gold. Later in the development process, we will certainly re-examine and consider this idea.