FFXIV:Try on the first day back, feeling what to write…

Here are some FFXIV chocobos

It is my pleasure to get the chance to try out. In the first place. Specifically, should be overwhelmed by special favor mood. Because, after all, I always think, I for the FF the game is really less faithful than a lot of players in the BBS. Since lucky is elected, I hope I can try my best to put my mood for at the beginning of the game play is to bring.

First introduce myself a little better. I am not an attractive woman, also not curtilage female, just an ordinary college students, because the parents’ family education idea, has been living alone since high school, college after all my expenses are self-employed. So, don’t like a lot of the same age can have a better game configuration, I hand only PSP, NDS and a 6 k price of laptop computers. Of course because of the loose environment, so contact early game animation, and unfettered played many types of games. FPS, AVG, RPG, liked to play. The ACT. Contact FF or earlier. Or school of business, at that time my brother is very like the FF, I followed him in his first play on GBA the FF’s early work, at that time were not very impressive, but brother love, has been to hear him speak of, so the FF in my memory also much a notch. So when I graduated from junior high school, later bought the life after the first game consoles PSP, first is FF series of games. Crisis core, left the deepest impression on me, so didn’t really become a FF fans. Recently a FF13 just hurried to play again, or ask the university teacher borrow the XBOX. Online class, I also play much.. When I was a child played ragnarok, play until now. Didn’t play other games are basically more than 2 months, I’ve never played a mountain pass, the original play RO many players have defected to WOW, I don’t know why I could not mention any interest in the game.. Popular LOL I never touched.. Nearby was a pile of sister are playing LOL, this has made me very confused.

Today to play FF14, just fit I’m still a bit not used to it. Because I itself to the 3 d interface is easy to stay (property).. Several before playing 3 d games, are drawing style to sell, no operation, no brain automatically pathfinding can upgrade all the way to enter, even not a powerless to copy the sort of.. So attracted by the picture at the beginning, but soon felt retarded operating plot bored and abandon the rhythm of play.. But FF14 feeling is very different for me, painting is very beautiful, for me, a game of first consideration is the picture, there is no doubt that FF as ever did, the plot is quite rich, but also has the sense and sense of reality, unlike most games on the market, it will have the same similar routines, (specific I describe is not good, is a kind of feeling like sheep sheep and grey Wolf, see drama mind only “skip” and “silly X” two ideas.. = =) the graphics of what, today forget to take back, tomorrow bring a dish to share kao some home for you. Then said the game operating bring me feel good. First of all, is the first time you login, will have a longer CG, cannot skip the CG is mandatory to watch, but the CG is very beautiful, the plot is also very interesting, doesn’t bring me to skip the idea. In terms of character creation, after the shapes of each race are all compare beauty, unlike some games, in addition to the Terran elves of what the rest are ugly.. Details very much appearance, as a sister, said love the details set (by the way in creating the interface with long -) after entering the game, the first pace is relatively slow, every dialogue is about the feeling of watching a short animation, but the scene is beautiful, beautiful type, looking at very pleasing. When the official start of the play, I had to mention no automatic pathfinding function that, for me this kind of people who lack a sense of direction, or more challenges, some tasks according to the requirements of the plot is not given NPC’s position, so to find their own.. Also want to complain at the beginning, not an automatic pathfinding good trouble, but to play for a while will realize this is the game to play, let people step by step follow the plot, as if really is in the story, not just looking at a story of others. Today the afternoon to practice the level 10 -, walks around all day with a lot of time is spent on finding the way to see the view of what the above, (so we will be charged according to time > _ >). People today to try a total of nine (or 8 -?) , the boss is basically on the map only two or three people a team to play, but few fight is quite tough, chating, found that only when everyone practiced for ranged attacks happen to coincide in the profession, no milk no T.. Tomorrow the FB feels a bit with > <.. But FF professional setting can be more professional, there is no limit on the level of independence, which is as long as enough practice.. To every professional practice full (don’t know if there is any wrong, please print). What didn’t expect to hand over to treat. For the time being. More. Come back tomorrow.

Nonsense, writing down slightly, the entertainment is good..

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