The key points to earn FIFA Ultimate Team Coins


Today we’re going to show you some tips and tricks in controlling the market of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team.

Some info about the market.
The price of items are different depending on how many people there are online. Week days between 15pm and 22pm, and weekends are times when the most people are playing. (GMT) Prices of consumable cards will get double as expensive.During happy hour, prices of items will drop. This is a good time to make some deals.

A time consuming method.
Bidding on loads of items at the same time. For example bidding 200 fifa 15 coins on normal gold contracts, you can bid on as many as you want (untill your coins run out). You will win some, depends on time and market how many you will win.

Making smart biddings.
This is also a great method of making coins. What do you need? A popular player, with some decent skills who is wanted by many. You need to determine the cheapest buy now price of the player, let’s say its 8.000 coins. Now you are going to bid maximum 6.600 coins on every player you find. You will win some, making a profit of 1.000 coins per player.

Rich players only.
Another thing you can do, later on in the game. Is completely controlling a market of a certain player. (Note: You need lots of coins for this, I tried with 500 000, but didn’t succeed). You search for a player that is wanted by many, good quality, popular league and you buy every available card of this player. Automatically raising the price of this player, which you can sell later on.

Don’t buy packs.
95% of the time, you will lose coins on buying packs. Only once in a while, because it’s fun.

Rotating your team.
don’t waste coins on consumables, you should have a second player for each position, this makes you able to rotate your team, you’ll save loads on fitness and contracts.In the beginning the market is weak, people don’t have many coins, there aren’t IF’s or TOTY’s available. It’s a good time to focus on trading consumables. Specifically, gold contracts