Old Traditions, New Rules

Are you looking forward to the heralding things of destiny first expansion, for example, Raids, strikes, missions and console-exclusive content, but are not the only things. The Dark Below. Lord Saladin and The Iron Lords will return to Destiny’s PvP mode, the Crucible, for another round of the Iron Banner event on December 16.

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Lord Saladin and The Iron Lords will return to Destiny’s PvP mode

Bungie Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague detailed the news – along with plenty of other updates, such as fixes, tweaks and clarifications about how gear will work once The Dark Below is available – as part of the Bungie Weekly Update. DeeJ wrote that while more details about “the experiments happening in the PvP labs” are still incoming, players should know now that participating in the Iron Banner event gives them a chance to earn level 31 gear (the current level cap is 30), and that participants do not need to own The Dark Below to compete.

The Iron Banner event, like much of Destiny’s content, has seen several major changes throughout its lifespan. After high-level players complained about not feeling powerful enough in relation to low-level players, Bungie introduced “Iron Banner 2.0,” which was received better.

Whispers of Iron Banner 3 say it features a major villain who turns out to be a red herring thrown in to distract from the fact that the plot is actually adapted from the “Extremis” storyline. Or are we thinking of some other, iron-related trilogy?

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