Mu Legend: Mu Open Beta Will Be Released This Summer

Mu Legend is the official name of the MU Online 2 project, the online game product success of the legendary MU Online game in the domestic market in Korea as well as in the world. By the end of March 2016, this project was officially announced at the WEBZEN 2016 MEDIA DAY, and was subsequently renamed MU Legend. More Mu Legend details, and click here to get more.04245According to Global Project Manager of MU, Mu Legend, since the Korean version was released, they were eager to bring it to the community. In addition, their team has spent many years working hard on this project, and this is an important milestone. Mu Legend will support 6 language packs including: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese. It’s time to buy Mu Legend Power Leveling.

Mu Open Beta: International Edition will be released this summer. The specific time is still a question mark, but perhaps this information will soon be confirmed in the near future. This Open Beta is expected to coincide with the OB in the Korean market, which owns the same feature system and the Emphasizer character also can not appear.

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