The importance of XP in Madden 18

Undoubtedly, Xp is the main point for you to build a Madden Ultimate Team.¬†XP can be earned by your each action’s performance in MUT, but can not gain by completing Sets, Objectives, or opening Packs. So the best and only way to gain XP is being active in game and try to play every mode. The more you played, the more XP you will gain.
XP in Madden-Mobile
In primary stage, each player will begin from level 1. With playing and leveling up players will unlock different mode in MUT, such as access to MUT Champions or H2H Seasons. If you venture more you will unlock special offers in store or can also get access into new Solo Challenge in MUT.

The Level Cap will be 30 at launch and as time goes by, the Level Cap may increase. By the way if your reach the Cap you will obtain extra bonuses that anyone else can’t get. Normally the screen will shows you the summarizes of each game after ending, you can know what you did achieve and what you obtained. Below we provided a list of the actions that you can earn XP:

First solo challenge win of the day
First H2H win of the day
How many quarters you completed
Margin of victory/margin of defeat
Offensive yards gained
Total team tackles
Sacks and interceptions

last suggestions: Try to play every mode, keep every feature moving! Have games active in Seasons, Head-to-Head, and Live Events. This keeps the game fresh, and allows for plenty of chances to earn XP and Coins.