5 Best Camp Builds in Fallout 76

A proper camp is fundamental in Fallout 76 and is what many players are looking for. So what are the great camps in this game? In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 camp builds of 2024, showcasing the ingenuity and skill of the Fallout 76 community.

1. Mystery Moon White’s Stilt Shante

Mystery Moon White's Stilt Shante

Mystery Moon White’s Stilt Shante claims the top spot in the Fallout 76 Top 5 Camps of 2024. Here’s why:

  • Innovative Design: This camp appears to float, using roof pieces as floors, creating a unique stilted effect.     
  • Vanilla Items: Featuring primarily vanilla wall pieces, it shows that impressive camps don’t need heavy reliance on Atomic Shop items.     
  • Exterior Aesthetics: Despite a bat wall the reviewer disliked, the exterior is described as “really cool looking.”     
  • Interior Design: The interior decor, especially the stairs, is praised as “perfectly executed” and “amazing.”     
  • Overall Impression: The novel stilted design, effective use of vanilla items, and well-executed interior and exterior elements earned this camp the number one spot.

Mystery Moon White’s Stilt Shante sets a high bar with its innovative design and thoughtful use of game elements.

2. SLO’s Toxic Waste Dump Camp

SLO's Toxic Waste Dump Camp

Ranked second is  SLO’s Toxic Waste Dump Camp. Key features include:

  • Prefab Structure: Though initially described as a “terrible looking bunker,” it perfectly fits a radiation dump site aesthetic.     
  • Exterior Elements: Features a recognizable crane and a massive factory structure.     
  • Interior Excellence: The interior is the standout feature, with convincing factory and radiation dump appearances, conveyor belts, and clever merges.     
  • Theme Consistency: The decor is “100% on point,” matching the toxic waste dump theme perfectly.

SLO’s camp showcases how a well-executed interior can elevate a build, even if the exterior isn’t as impressive.

3. Sushi Monster’s Garakuta Camp

Sushi Monster's Garakuta Camp

Sushi Monster’s Garakuta Camp takes the third spot. Highlights include:

  • Location: Situated in a prime spot, utilizing pre-existing stairs and catwalks.     
  • Aesthetic: Epitomizes the post-apocalyptic wasteland look with a scrappy, thrown-together appearance.     
  • Wall Pieces: Uses various wall pieces to create a cohesive, junky feel.     
  • Decoration: Both exterior and interior are meticulously decorated with junk and clutter, enhancing authenticity.     
  • Reviewer Praise: The camp’s “awesome levels of decor” and “properly well-filled” interior are noted.

This camp stands out for its creative use of location, detailed decoration, and authentic post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

4. Hitbit’s Merry-Go-Round

Hitbit's Merry-Go-Round

Coming in fourth is  Hitbit’s Merry-Go-Round. Key features include:

  • Pre-War Aesthetic: Accurately represents an abandoned carousel from before the war.     
  • Construction Techniques: Showcases extensive blueprint work and roof burning techniques using the “Bernie by 12,000” method.     
  • Clever Design Elements: Includes a floating stair pole connecting the horses to the carousel structure.     
  • Intricate Decorations: The central area features detailed decorations around the stand or shaft.     
  • Reviewer Accolades: Described as “by far the best” among many carousel builds, it demonstrates complexity and attention to detail.

Hitbit’s camp combines technical skills with artistic vision to create a standout amusement park attraction.

5. Bandra’s Butcher Shop with a Twist

Bandra's Butcher Shop with a Twist

Bandra’s Butcher Shop with a Twist rounds out the top five. Highlights include:

  • Prefab Structure: Based on a prefab structure, which the reviewer typically disfavors.     
  • Interior Design: The front part is a detailed butcher shop, while the back has a dark, cultist-inspired theme, creating a striking contrast.     
  • Detail and Merges: Features impressive levels of detail, clever merges, and item displays.     
  • Reviewer Praise: The interior decor is praised as “phenomenal” and “Next Level.”

Despite the reviewer’s dislike for prefab structures, the unique interior design and contrasting themes earned this camp its spot in the rankings.

These top 5 camp builds of 2024 demonstrate the creative possibilities within Fallout 76, showcasing the community’s talent and ingenuity in transforming the game’s building system. If you are ready to build one of these camps, then Fallout 76 caps for sale in U4GM will be of assistance to you, which will help you get the items you need immediately.