the psychopathology and demonlogist of burrowing deaththe psychopathology and demonlogist of burrowing death


as I began to fall, Burroughs grabbed me by the scruff of my collar and shook me violently. “You really want to feed some thresher, don’t you, al-Hazir?” he asked. “What, haven’t you seen scavengers before?”

I had indeed seen scavengers: small, burrowing creatures that feed upon carrion. Unlike most animals of this type, however, they are extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to attack those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Scavengers have powerful legs which they use for swift springing attacks, striking at vulnerable faces and throats. Their anatomy bears a striking resemblance to that of the leapers of the Aranoch desert, and thus, many researchers classify the two groups as part of the same family of creatures. An ensorcelled (some say demonic) variant is known to have plagued adventurers in the Tristram region twenty-odd years ago as well. Scavengers were also the cause of an extremely distressing episode during my youth, which I need not relate at this juncture.

“Yep. Burrowers to catch a burrower,” he said. He then took the lengths of rope hanging from the cage and impaled them on the ground using a heavy pike. He also attached what looked like long knives to the sides of his heavy, scarred boots, and drove the blades into the ground.


and i was fall into deeply contemplation:should i take some effectively countermeasure fo the striking of burrowing death neutralized?