Malleus MaleficarumMalleus Maleficarum

for instance, can slam a wall in the Forgotten Tombs to make it collapse on and eliminate a crowd of walking dead. When he lunges into a wall, rubble falls away from the edges. Bits of concept art suggests a city desert environment with cave-like apartments, an Arabian palace dungeon reminiscent of Diablo II’s Lut Gholein, and the dilapidated town of New Tristram, which isn’t nearly as shiny as its name suggests.

What we think: We like wrecking stuff, so here’s hoping that the environmental destruction won’t be too cookie-cutter. It’s fun to see worlds collapse, but it becomes invisible if it always collapses the same way. We’re also curious to see how this feature plays out in outdoor environments – we’ve seen man-made structures fall apart in the early footage of the game, but no trees were toppled and grass remained curiously flameproof in fiery battles.

just last summarization:the possession of man-made  architecture make the enviroment more brilliant,spectaculr,magnificent,and more significantly ,they are preoccupation with  the exirpation of supreme monster