New Interview Details Game Play & MoreNew Interview Details Game Play & More


Folks interested in learning more about Spirit Tales will want to head over to the official forums to check out a user interview with an “as yet unnamed Spirit Tales developer”. The interview wanders all over the game and details some of its interesting aspects including pet morphing and boss battles.

What can the players expect in the Closed Beta?

In Closed Beta, we’ll be opening all content up to level 40 to our users, absolutely free! This includes 5 instances, hundreds of quests, a bazillion pets, PvP Battle Zones, and more! Not to mention special closed beta rewards, custom titles, and achievements only available to testers during Closed Beta! Oh and of course events! We’ve got events that range from holiday celebrations, GM beat-downs, hide- and-go-seek, screenshot and video contests, and everything in between. It’s your chance to win awesome prizes that carry over to Open Beta.