Blizzard doesn’t do consolesBlizzard doesn’t do consoles

The studio has a reputation for producing phenomenal PC adventures, but can’t say the same for console creations. “StarCraft: Ghost” was intended to be ported as a console title as well, but the project failed. The game was scrapped early during its development stages. “People don’t want to believe us when we say we’re going to make a console game,” game director Jay Wilson told GameInformer in November. “I understand why they don’t believe us, because we’ve tried this before.

We’ve also never invested in it to the degree that we’re doing now, and we’ve never had a product that we felt was appropriate for it.”
 In addition to controls, graphics and aesthetics are just as vulnerable when it comes to porting titles. “The PC has been happily running games at 1080p and above for yonks,” writes TechRadar’s Ed Ricketts when comparing PC and console gaming. Let’s also not forget one of the most important aspects in RPG gaming: customization. And the PC is full of it, with mods and add-ons galore that aren’t available on gaming systems.


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