Diablo 3 Continuous Development

Recently a very professional player shared his opinion about the problems of the current Diablo 3 in a game forum. He thought that it is not only the problem of the Blizzard, but also the problem of the players.
We admit it that there are some problems with the design of the game. The effect of the skills is too much reliable to the gears in game. So, every player is crazy about how to get the top gears through the drops and the AH. The difference a piece of gear can make is much bigger than the difference a set of build can bring. The severe imbalance of the diablo 3 items killed the fun of playing this game by very large degree.

However, the players have their own problems as well. Just like what they are doing in the real life, they can not wait to enjoy the success. So, when they get the cd key, or when a new update comes out, the thing they care about most is how to level up fast, which is the best route to farm gold, what is the best build for certain professions and so on. These answers can be found easily on the website and forums, but they kill the fun of researching by themselves.

What I want to say is that, if we love this game, we give this game room to develop. There is nothing born to be perfect. Diablo 3 is great as it is designed by the best game developer, but we have to acknowledge it that there must be problems always. The game has to keep changing and adjusting to meet the tastes of the players’. The changes keep us expecting and adjusting our ways to enjoy the game as well. A game without changes can not last long as we are all changing all the time. So, if we love this game, we tolerate its mistakes just like we would keep forgiving the children’.

Instead of judging the game like the others, maybe it is time to form our own ideas about Diablo 3. It gives us surprises at the very beginning, and it has kept us accompany for a year, it will keep giving us expectations in the future and bring us more fun in the future. Just believe in that! 

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