Diablo 3 Do You Want Most the New Patch

It has really been sometime since the patch 1.0.8 was released. In this patch, players adjusted their skill combinations to experience different builds. Some turn to the other classes to try different options. While, we could not help thinking when the new update could be available, what surprises will this new update bring to us.

Some players come up with their ideas, let’s see what are their expectations.

It is time to do some change to the Demon Hunter. There are five classes in game in total. Even through we know it is hard to keep the balance, but it is so unfair for the Demon Hunter. Comparing to the other classes, this class has little advantage at all. Both in the PVE and PVP, this class is not welcome. Players who have leveled all five classes up to paragon level 100 said that, he spent the longest time to finish the progress for the Demon Hunter. Since the Blizzard can make the Witch Doctor be so hot for the firebat skill, they can definitely change the status of the DH by doing some suggestions.

Make the public game more considerate. Many players have been complaining that when they enter into a public game after long waiting, they have no idea whether the game has just get started or half of the quest has been finished. If Blizzard can make some changes to make the game more considerate, that they can get the information about the game the first second they enter into the public game, or there are several limitations to help match better, they would be more willing to enjoy the public game.

Less but better drops in game. Most players like the increase of the monsters’ density in patch 1.0.8. They feel it is more exciting and challenging to play. The feeling of shuttle back and forth among the monsters is awesome. However, the abundant of drops become one of the most annoy things. There are so many white gears on the ground that you may not want to even have a look at. But you may pick them up by mistake which may waste your time. Since they are useless, and seldom will be picked up by players, why don’t make the drops less and better. It would be more attracting since players may begin to think whether the loots can be used by them. The drops in game can be valuable again. 

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