diablo 3 pvp system far away from launchingdiablo 3 pvp system far away from launching

We already know that Diablo 3 is set to launch on May 15th – just about a month and a half away – without player-versus-player, but what we thought would be added in a relatively short amount of time, may actually take much longer.

“PvP Arenas will only be a few months after release,” Blizzard revealed in their latest fan Q&A.  “In that time people will be trying out classes and perfecting their gear and builds.”

“When they do arrive they’ll be an awesome addition to the game, and players will be ready to face off in some awesome PvP action in a designed and crafted experience.”

Rather than delay the game’s launch, Blizzard decided to hold the PvP component itself back for further fine-tuning after it wasn’t “meeting the company’s expectations”.

Blizzard also confirmed that there will be no other way to participate in PvP in Diablo 3 while they work on the PvP Arena systems.

“There are many reasons why we’re focusing PvP into the arenas and not bringing back hostility,” they said without providing clarification. 

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