Embers of Caerus Seeking SupportEmbers of Caerus Seeking Support

Forsaken Studios, developers of Embers of Caerus, is an independent development studio that is seeking help from its community to fund the creation of EoC. all of the conditions , terms and conditions and everything that were contained in  tera power leveling package will accomodated when guest’s order finished,or the compensation directly propotional  to unfinishd parts of package will replaced by new gears,or corresponding gold

According to the Embers of Caerus website, the dev team was crecheaated because members were “tired of companies not quite getting it right, or worse selling out in order to earn more money from what producers deem to be the more lucrative markets (Easier content, real money item shops etc).” As a result, the group is now working on the project as a 100% volunteer team.

However, development of games can be costly and the Forsaken Studios group is asking its fans to help out with costs by implementing a donation opportunity. Donations can be made in any amount but there are perks for folks who donate anywhere between five and twenty dollars per month.

Find out more about the game project and/or how you can donate on the Embers of Caerus page.




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