Ground breaking response anticipated from Diablo 3Ground breaking response anticipated from Diablo 3


Very soon Blizzard Games will be unveiling the high-octane and highly anticipated Diablo 3 to the world and the hype around this game is massive as the previous parts of the game had always received a good response. Thus year Blizzard has fixed the launch of the game on May 15th, 2012 and the date has been totally finalized.

An analyst from Cowen and Company by the name Doug Creutz has made a revelation owing to the build up around the game that it would easily sell more than five million copies by the end of this fiscal. Along with Diablo 3, Blizzard is planning to release two more of its games and thus this year might be highly productive for Blizzard Games. Jay Wilson who happens to be the director of the game revealed that the game was made to run through many tests and improved and now the final version is slated to be launched in May. Such was the impact of the game on the developers that Wilson jokingly says that the people behind the designing of the game spent hours and hours playing Diablo 3 and are very proud of the game that they have designed for all the Diablo enthusiasts. 

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