Diablo 3 equilibrium and experienceDiablo 3 equilibrium and experience

With just under two months to go until the release of Diablo 3, Blizzard are now giving their game a big push because perfecting the equilibrium and experience will be key to its success, one of the most important areas where they need to get right is the end game and we have seen with games like Mass Effect 3 that by getting it wrong will bring the wrath of the fans down on them.

Blizzard needs to get things right here because they have angered Diablo fans in the past by constantly keeping them updated as to new features, only for them to be taken away again, but if what we’ve learned from this Forum article is correct then the game will surely get more positive reactions rather than negative.

Community manager Bashiok has been outlining some of the key new features and one of them is the skill build combinations, which we have to say are now mounting in numbers. The hard part for the development team is to make certain that they are not only workable but fascinating as well.

The issue that Blizzard has is finding the perfect balance with those quick “three-minute” boss runs and a more intensive “two-hour commitment“. They don’t want the former to be the most effective but they also don’t wish for fans to feel the need to commit to two hours either, so you can see the dilemma they are faced with?