Controller vs. keyboardController vs. keyboard


Fans of the game aren’t used to maneuvering with a controller, and this could prove to be a difficult adjustment. The PC controls work on a click-to-move type basis, and “No way am I going to bother with a console version,” one fan wrote in a “Diablo 3” message board on BattleForums. “There is no need. Plus the mouse/keyboard is way too intuitive to give it up. Controllers are pretty poorly designed, and I saw that for all the modern ones.”

2. Tweaks and changes. “Diablo” is a series that was tailored to fit the PC prototype. This means that the new game would have to be redone and tweaked in certain aspects. One of the most obvious changes would be the controls, but in order to fit with consoles “Diablo” could find itself competing with other major players, such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Mass Effect.” This is a factor that wasn’t a priority to Blizzard before.

3. What about One of the landmark features Blizzard gaming has to offer is the convenient connection between players. allows gamers to unite in multiplayer missions and socialize, and has become a staple of titles such as “Diablo,” “World of Warcraft” and “StarCraft.” So how would that work with consoles? Will fans be content with switching to Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network for their “Diablo” multiplayer needs?