The Game Hopper: GLITCHThe Game Hopper: GLITCH

Played entirely in your browser via Flash, GLITCH is a bit of an odd duck. Well, really… it just is an odd duck and gloriously, humorously, voraciously proud of it. A beautifully drawn 2D side-scrolling game, GLITCH has some of the kookiest and most unique looking visuals on the market today, AAA or otherwise. See the screens pasted here for an idea of what to expect. What exactly is GLITCH about though?
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In this new column at, our goal is to take turns giving you glimpses at some of the games which just don’t get enough coverage.  Many aren’t MMORPGs, but almost all are MMOs of one form or another. The simple truth is that a lot of games fly under the radar.  With The Game Hopper, we plan to bring you a new game every week that you might not know much about.  Check out Managing Editor Bill Murphy’s look into GLITCH and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.