The town portal system evolved repeatedly during development

Diablo 3 answer to mercenaries from D2, the followers will have their own skillset and inventory that the player can customize. Artisans: Are special NPCs who craft items and provide other essential services, as well as much dialogue and information about the game world and quests. They are the Blacksmith and Jeweler, after the Mystic was removed during beta testing. As in Diablo II, travel is on foot. Unlike Diablo II, there is only one movement speed, rather than a walk and run option. This speed can be increased with item mods and some skills, and there is no stamina drain while moving. There are no mounts in Sanctuary, to ride about the world at a higher rate of speed. The main method of speedy transportation in the game comes from waypoints, which are tied to quests and there are multiple waypoints in connected areas, tied to each quest.

For instance, a player can only use the waypoint to the start of an area, and then while clearing that area and deeper dungeons within it, additional waypoints will be encountered, for easy returns to town. This allows for more travel without cluttering up the waypoints menu with dozens of them, as well as preventing players from warping right to the end of a quest, Diablo 2 boss run style. The town portal system evolved repeatedly during Diablo 3 development. TPs were in as scrolls, then out entirely, then back in via the Stone of Recall system, then changed back to a town portal activated directly from the belt interface. See those pages for more details.

There are numerous small Easter Eggs already seen in Diablo 3 during the beta testing. These include funny item and monster names, developer names carved on headstones, inside jokes via the Achievements, and more. There are certain to be many other discovered in the full game. Most fans believed there would be a secret level in Diablo 3 with rainbows and unicorns and happy clouds, based on various hints and jokes the developers had been making stemming from the art controversy. The fans were right, as Whimsyshire, the Diablo 3 secret level, was found shortly after the game’s release. See that article for full details.