Star Supremacy : Now With New Graphics

Barbily Games has announced the arrival of enhanced 3D graphics. After responding to player feedback, the dev team has been hard at work enhancing the graphics to make the game more “eye friendly”.

In addition, the team has also announced that prizes will be awarded to the entire community for building the number of “likes” on the Star Supremacy Facebook page and that Valentine’s events will be launched soon.

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In our latest column devoted to Guild Wars 2, we take a look at what Arena.Net is doing or must do to please the many veterans that will carry over from Guild Wars 1 to the newer game. See what we think needs to happen and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.
There are millions of fans of the original Guild Wars game, and we are going to be the toughest critics that ArenaNet can try to please. One of the reasons we Guild Wars veterans fell in love with the original games, was that they were just different. While they had a lot of similarities with MMOs, such as controls and similar UI layouts, it was the importance of skills, strategy, and less emphasis on what items you had, that gave us a breath of fresh air from endless grinding. I was a player that came from playing MMOs one after the other, looking from something that felt new and interesting. When I played Guild Wars, I noticed my skills were more important than how rare and great my weapons and armor were.