Cash auction house is not Diablo 3 core

We killed a total of 4500 championship squad and 300 Goblin, this is the game you want to be hollowed out the essence of your credit card. We do not use the auction house will not be able to continue playing,all right.We use the auction house,to buy equipment to farm the third act to enter the fourth act.

The problem is that out of everything useless.My friends in these time playing 8 the legendary class equipment, I break out. That is a total of nine garbage. A lot of rare equipment,only the most useful thing in the auction house after visiting. Now that we have a new update was supposed to fix a lot of things, and now also increase the cost of repairs.

Loading new online repair, will enhance the chance of the senior articles purgatory difficulty falling, please pay attention to our Diablo 3 Online repair content Bowen June, to learn about the latest drop probability. About your legendary class items, we are planning to strength to improve the effect of the legendary class items so that they can go beyond the blue equipment; However, this change will not be traced back to the items now.

The essence of the Diablo series is never to kill the big pineapple, but the replacement of the equipment.Diablo II once so bored with playing hundreds of hours. Kill a champion monster rather than a hundred times the boss run was very good, I love it. Chennai non-day courage is also very good.

I am pleased to hear that the you like Chennai day courage systems, and by exploring the world and kill champion monster instead kept RCC BOSS. For me than Diablo 2 kept Boss Run more fun. Always let me go to different areas to search and hunt champion monster, attribute modification and monster types so that they will always be some unusual places.

Now talk about cooperation. Diablo 3’s cooperative mode is very unfriendly. Elite squad the lives of more than 6.4 million. There with minions the invincible, ethnic, whirlpool, Arcane Power, plague, melted.I have met the Arcane, plague, melted and shelling, and then I laughed. Some combinations are very exaggerated. But who cares, at least they can off some of the things we think fighting 20 minutes worth.If you gave me an item level 55 back to the blood and never wear wrist.

Bad luck when you encounter some very nasty combination of modification, but that is the challenge part; I have encountered a whirlpool, Minion invincible combination of ethnic and ordered, very difficult to deal with: but in the end you beat such a powerful monster, you feel great.sometimes because you find that your efforts are just a bunch of tattered feel sad, but when you find a man with almost perfect attributes Item Level 63 rare items, you’ll forget those suffering.

The Cash auction house is not Diablo the God core design and is completely optional, never force anyone to use.I have not used this, after both buy sell are the same.This is purely just an additional service you choose, the auction house and gold coins.