D3 The Key Points of the Next Update in

Even through new update for Diablo 3 is not available yet, we have collected some latest information about the key points of the next update. Let’s see what we can expect in the Diablo 3 in the near future.
Firstly, adjust the affixes of the gears to make the item system more balanced. Just like we know, the legendary weapons have large gaps with the normal items in Diablo 3. Players have few choices for the gears when they reach certain levels, as the diversity of the legendary weapons need to be improved as well. As items are always the most important part for the players, how to design more gears with cool effect and unique advantages is of vital importance to encourage players to try different kinds of builds.

Secondly, changes to the skills. Every player may have known this kind of situation really well that Demon Hunter is the weakest in this game. He has no core and special skills to cause attack at all. Most of his skills can only help him defense the damages. How to adjust his skills and make him different from the other professions in game is what Blizzard need to think about carefully.  What DH should be good at according to the original setting of the game is the ranged combat ability and the mobility. Once they can figure out how to make this profession unique, more players would turn to try this profession and research different builds. It is time to do something for Demon Hunter.

Besides the skill changes to the DH, the developers are also devoting themselves to adjusting the AOE skills and skills towards single target. Just because the increase of density for the monsters in Diablo 3, more players turn to choose more AOE skills to cause damages to crowds of enemies. It is good for them to try something new, but it makes the single-attack skills ignored by many players. How to make every skill useful to players is also the question Blizzard thinking about now.

Thirdly, the drop system will be improved as well. It is not right when we kill monster that harder to deal with but only get worse drops. How to make sure that we win what we deserve after our hard works can make players more passionate to take challenges. The drop system should be reasonable at least, right?

Fourthly, improve the PVP system. There is still big room for the Blizzard to improve the PVP system. They have made the PVE so great that players have explored all the things they can do to have fun in PVE, maybe it is time to give them something new and challenging. In the next update, you may be able to experience new PVP mode.

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