D3 Tips and Guide

A Diablo 3 Guide to having fun. Tips and tricks on having fun in Diablo 3.
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This is often a huge problem — people start playing a game and they’re not there for fun. All they want to do is level as fast as possible, make as much gold as possible and kill other players… but they’re not having fun!

Sure, they may say they’re having fun, but all you need to do is check their behavior to see that in fact they are not having any at all.

The leveling problem
You can tell someone’s not having fun when they say they’re “leveling”. They’re killing the same mobs over and over again, running the same tower over and over, or killing the Butcher dozens and dozens of times. As you explore the game, you naturally get experience for killing monsters in the way. So if you’re killing the same thing over and over, ask yourself whether what you are really doing is having fun or have you just taken up a second job? This is the biggest Diablo 3 guide advice you can take away and that is to always be having fun. If you’re not, just turn the game off and do something else!

Making as much gold as possible
It might be tempting to think that you will literally be able to pay your rent and other expenses by playing Diablo 3 now that it has a real money auction house, but the truth of the matter is that after Blizzard, Paypal and the money changers take their cut of your coin, you’ll have very little bang for your buck — in other words, you will probably be making something like $5 an hour or less.

Well, if you invest hundreds of hours into the game to research where the best items drop and read a few of the available Diablo 3 Guide books and Diablo 3 Tips books, you might be able to raise your earnings to about $10/hour, but isn’t it smarter just to get a real job and play as much as you want in the evening or the weekend without worrying about rent?

Sure, maybe you’ll make some money when the game first comes out in the first few months, but after a while, everyone will have all the items they want and there will be quite a few very well established “gold farming” businesses outcompeting you with time, effort and energy, so in the long run it won’t be worth it.

In Diablo 3, PVP is not implemented yet, but when it will be, you will instantly see the people who are not having fun. They’re the ones typing in all caps when they get killed. Or the ones on Youtube smashing their computers with a sledge hammer. Or the ones on the up and coming Wives of Diablo website.

You get the picture! The biggest thing you can take away from this Diablo 3 guide is to have fun at all costs!